Burlap Bombshells

Have you ever had those moments, when you finish a DIY or project and you say, “YES! That’s awesome!” I had one last night!

I’ve been contemplating my Fall decor for my front porch for several days. At the end of July, I did a makeover on my wicker settee, seen here. I knew that I would need some cute pillows for the Fall, because the ones I had on there were very “summer.”

Add to that all the amazing burlap projects going on right now…and I came up with these Burlap Bombshells…

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Does The Makeover Need A Makeover?

Your Opinion Needed!

Have you ever started a DIY project and was so excited about it, only to slowly deflate as the project progressed??….Let’s discuss my adventure in the end table makeover…or is it the end table nightmare?!

A couple of weeks ago, I found this cute little end table at a yard sale for $20.00. It’s nothing fancy, but it is sturdy and I like the somewhat oval shape of the top.

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So…A Needle Pulling Thread…

No, it’s not the Sound of Music…let’s sew a pillow!

I began sewing about 20 years ago, but I wanted to refresh and refine my skills. I knew that there were probably some “better ways to do things.” So, I signed up for a Sit N Sew class at my local ;Hancock’s Fabric ;store.

The class is really cool because each person can choose their own project. Therefore, you can choose projects that require certain skills that you may want to learn or improve on.

I decided to make a pillow with trim. I made several throw pillows this summer, but I really felt like “my way” was the wrong way. Guess what?…I was right!

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Disco Ball In Action

Do you remember the disco ball post from a couple of weeks ago?…My daughter had asked me to make a disco ball for her senior day at band camp. Well, it turned out good and I think she was even a little proud of me:) She took a picture to show us all how it looked.

Here it is making it’s debut!

For a styrofoam ball and old CDs, it really worked and looked great! Look at it sparkle.

This project was also featured by Allison over at House of Hepworths. Check out her great blog for other great ideas and crafts.

Don’t you just love it when things work out the way you planned?!?!?!?!

On the Way,


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…You Are The Fairest Of Them All!

Yeah! I love it! I hope you do too…

Let’s recap…Yesterday I showed you this awesome mirror that I bought at Restore. It needed some help!

Remember that I told you the center pieces of the mirror were turning black. I decided to work with the imperfections, instead of replacing those mirrored pieces. I wanted to do something with paint. I googled and went to Pinterest to gather ideas. I found a great idea over at Design Sponge. Check out her tutorial and then see my take on it…

This pillow was my inspiration.

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