Burlap Bombshells

Have you ever had those moments, when you finish a DIY or project and you say, “YES! That’s awesome!” I had one last night!

I’ve been contemplating my Fall decor for my front porch for several days. At the end of July, I did a makeover on my wicker settee, seen here. I knew that I would need some cute pillows for the Fall, because the ones I had on there were very “summer.”

Add to that all the amazing burlap projects going on right now…and I came up with these Burlap Bombshells…

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You Light Up My Life

Do you love lighting as much as I do? Is the lighting one of the first things you notice when you walk in a room? I think lighting is such an important part of our home and yet it’s often what we give the least amount of thought when decorating. Sometimes it’s as if it’s an afterthought. The lighting we choose not only accentuates the space, but sets the mood for the entire room.

One particular lighting trend that I am currently in love with is the Glass Bottle Lamp. When I saw these from Pottery Barn, I think I swooned a bit…

The eggplant is to die for! What a fun and whimsical color! That lamp speaks for itself…and it says, “I’m beautiful!” The inspiration for these lamps was an oversized wine jug. They have a mottled texture. At PB there are a variety of shades that you can pair with the lamp base. Remember, the shade is sold separately.


Take a look at the Gourd lamps from West Elm. I love the curving form of the hand blown glass base. They provide a very unique and exciting look. The colors available are Charcoal, Clear and Luster. Gorgeous! Bonus ~ They come with the shade.


Don’t want to fork over $149 + for a Glass Bottle Lamp? You can DIY!

I personally have not made one, so I will direct you to some tutorials by some very talented and smart bloggers who have achieved this look on their own…

Aaron from The Thrifty Abode gives a great tutorial on making a home-made Pottery Barn/West Elm lamp knock-off. She provides instructions and pics showing how to drill a hole in the bottle for the cord and tells you exactly the supplies you need, which she got at Lowe’s for $18. Look at her finished product! Pretty awesome!


If you’d rather not have to drill into glass, you don’t have to…Look at Kim’s version from Savvy Southern Style. She shows you what you need to do your lamp with the cord hanging from the bulb base and not the bottle of the lamp. That sounds good…I’m somewhat chicken when it comes to the thought of drilling glass…

If you do decide to DIY, be sure you study up on how to do it correctly! Check out Google and Pinterest. There are tons of ideas, Youtube videos and instructions on how-to DIY your own Glass Bottle Lamp. Lamp kits are available at Lowe’s and Home Depot or you can even take your glass bottle or vase to a lamp shop for conversion…let them do it!

The great thing about these lamps is that they are so versatile. They can fit in with just about any style of decor and if you choose a base in a clear or neutral color, you only need to change out the shade when you re-decorate!

Whether you choose to purchase your Glass Bottle Lamp or make your own, you can rest assured that it will definitely light up your life.


On a separate note…I want to give a big shout out to Amanda at The Little Giggler for featuring my Headboard Makeover. I am honored and so excited to be featured! Stop by and visit Amanda’s blog and visit her new shop, The Little Giggler Shop, where she sells some of her handmade goods. Very cute! 

On the Way,


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Does The Makeover Need A Makeover?

Your Opinion Needed!

Have you ever started a DIY project and was so excited about it, only to slowly deflate as the project progressed??….Let’s discuss my adventure in the end table makeover…or is it the end table nightmare?!

A couple of weeks ago, I found this cute little end table at a yard sale for $20.00. It’s nothing fancy, but it is sturdy and I like the somewhat oval shape of the top.

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End Table…New Beginning

Don’t you love giving a piece of furniture a “new beginning?” That’s what happened to this end table…it’s not the end, but the beginning…of something great.

I found this table at Restore for $25 and knew that I wanted it as soon as I saw the “bamboo” look on the legs and the top. My thought was that it would be perfect in our vacation home. I was on the lookout for some “beachy” furniture.

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Weather Forecast On The Wall

Have you ever come across something that you really didn’t know what it was…didn’t really need it…didn’t really like it…but got it anyway? I tend to do that a lot.

On my last trip to Restore, I came across this “weather station” for $5.00. At the time, I thought “barometer,” but have since learned it’s actually a weather station because it also has a temperature and a humidity gauge. It’s not very attractive. The dials are plastic and the wood is “blah.” But, my son lives in Florida and has a “sea-faring” room theme going, so I thought, “How cool would this be in there?!”

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