Curtain Call

Let’s talk curtains…Do you get a little confused and frustrated by the different styles of curtains that are available for your home? You have to think about length, width, fabric, headers, hardware, etc. It can be overwhelming.

I wanted to talk to you today about some of the different styles of curtains that you can choose for your home. The main difference between styles of drapes is the header. The header is the top of the drapery panel.

Style #1 ~ Tripe Pinch Pleat or French Pleat 

This style is tailored and traditional.  Each pleat has 3 folds that are pinched together and tacked at the bottom of the pleat, so that the top of the pleat spreads out. They can be hung on a rod using rings or a traverse rod. Pleated curtains require extra fabric in the width in order to have the curtains drawn closed.

This example of a Triple Pinch Pleat drape is found at BHG. I personally love the blue and white stripes. They give a very sharp, crisp look. (I love the chair on the right too!)