Decorating With Baskets

There are many styles and types of baskets. I like to have a mixture of baskets in my home. If I like look of a basket, I’ll get it! I tend to like the older baskets that have the warm patina to them as well as any basket that has an interesting weave.

I recently found this great round basket at Pier1. The weave and dark color are beautiful. Here I’ve used it as a tray on my coffee table to highlight my Fall decor.

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It Was Colonel Mustard, In The Library, With The Candlestick

Thursday, I made a visit to our local Restore “store.” I stumbled across some candlesticks that made me say, “Those are so little and cute!” Usually, when that crosses my mind, the next thought is, “Oh yes. Those are going home with me.”

Here is what I scored for $3.25! Six adorable candlesticks!

Aren’t they cute! I love the two smallest ones. I’m thinking “new collection!”

Now, where to put them…

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Favorite Fabulous Frames

Everyone has something in their home decor that they are drawn to…what I mean is, something that is their “thing.” For example, I love antique picture frames. I love them large. I love them small. I love them all!

My late grandmother was an antique dealer. She shared her love of antiques with me and taught me to appreciate them. I have several antique pieces, but none that I love more than my frames.

The vast majority of my antique frames hold family portraits. Each of my children have an 11×14 baby picture in an antique frame. I tend to use them for pictures that hold significant memories for us, like for example my son’s senior picture. Their wedding pictures will be in them one day…

Here are two examples of them in my home. I have them on the wall going up my stairs and on the wall in my master bedroom.

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